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National Weather Service Radar Image

Radar Display Credits
Local weather forecast by "City, St" or zip code
Northern U.S.
Pac. Northwest Loop
Nrn. Rockies Loop
Upper Miss. Vly. Loop
Great Lakes Loop
Northeast Loop

Southern U.S.
Pac. Southwest Loop
Srn. Rockies Loop
Southern Plains Loop
Srn. Miss. Vly. Loop
Southeast Loop

U.S. Views
National Loop
Alaska Loop
Hawaii Loop
Guam Loop
Puerto Rico Loop

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Downloading Images
Doppler University
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RIDGE (Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements) is the result of a partnership with The North Texas Council of Governments and Southern Region Headquarters of the National Weather Service.

The process for generating these images was developed by Scott Rae of the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Paul Kirkwood (Chief of the Dissemmination and Enhancement Team, SRH) took the model developed by Scott, and wrote programs to expand the radar generation to multiple sites. In addition, Paul built the servers to generate this information.

Mike Coyne (MIC HUN) together with Paul and Scott came up with orignal design and concept of the RIDGE radar and webpage.

Keith Stellman (Performance Evaluation Meteorologist, SRH) constructed the background mapping to add road and topography information to each radar site. Using GIS mapping, Keith also constructed tables to add city, river, and county information to the maps.

Ken Pavelle (Hydrologist, ABRFC) and Keith Stellman developed the scripting/web design that allows the toggle overlays and distance calculator. Ken also played a key role in the php design of the website.

Dennis Cain (Meteorologist, FWD) designed the webpage layout and template which includes the National and Regional Mosaics design

Jason Burks(ITO HUN) together with Paul Kirkwood played a key role in the efficient production of the radar images.

Leon Minton(SRH) together with Keith Stellman designed a method to quickly and efficiently generate the "standard" images using the existing RIDGE images, legends, warnings, and overlays. Paul Kirkwood, Keith Stellman and Leon also developed the technique that produces the National and Regional Mosaics.

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Java must be enabled for looping of the individual radar sites. Please visit and select the Get it Now button.